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An AI-driven chatbot that completely changes the game when it comes to making posts on social media. You can train Brain to write a single well-crafted social media post just by uploading documents; it will learn the material automatically. Get the most out of Brain while posting to social media by following these steps.

Initiate Brain:

Start by navigating to 'New Post' through your Calendar tab.

Click on the 'Brain' option to begin the process.

Upload Your Documents:

Drag and drop your document files (PDF or TXT formats) into the Brain interface. Brain will process and learn the content of your uploaded documents to understand the material comprehensively.

Generate Your Post:

With the information processed, prompt Brain to create a single post.

Brain will analyze the content and produce a draft post or caption reflecting your uploaded document's essence.

Add to Your Post:

If you're satisfied with Brain's creation, click the 'Add to Post' icon to include the generated content in your social media post.

Finalize Your Post:

You can enrich your post by adding media, such as images or videos, to accompany the text. Schedule your post as desired, or post it immediately to your selected social media platforms.

This feature is ideal for marketers, content creators, and anyone looking to enhance their social media content with informed, relevant posts based on comprehensive document data.

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